Simon Molina

Simon started working as a Piano Professor in the prestigious Escuela Experimental de Musica Manuel Alberto Lopez (EMMAL), which is one of the most respected music academies in Venezuela; after that he founded the Academia Waldstein in Venezuela and the Amadeus Academy in Weston, Florida. Along Simon’s music career path he has prepared and mentored students for a successful music career. His students are carefully prepared for seasonal recitals and ensemble performances with a repertoire ranging from Bach to contemporary music. He also instructs students representing a wide range of abilities and ages, some of them are national and international award winners. Formal Education includes Bachelor Degree in Instrumental Performance and Professional Degree of Instrumental Performance.

How Music Helps Brain Development in Children

Various studies have found that engagement with music can lead to an improvement in brain development in children. A study at Northwestern University found better neural processing in students who played a musical instrument when they were compared with students who simply listened to music. This study shows the importance of receiving music education, rather than simply turning on background music when students are doing work in other subjects. [Read more…]