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I’m extremely satisfied with School is Easy Fraser Valley Tutoring. The tutor we had was spot on. She was a perfect match for our daughter. We think School is Easy is really great.
–Amanda Tolver | Tutoring Parent in the Fraser Valley

Get Qualified Fraser Valley Tutors in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and Mission

Professional tutoring offers positive academic results quickly and easily. We are not only experienced and reputable, we provide what you came to us for – results. We care about your kids’ educational goals, and are not just here to give you lots of marketing material and fancy tools.

Getting an in-home tutor with School is Easy means you also get a personalized approach to the lessons your child is finding tough at school. If the problem exists now, it means it may not have been taught ‘right’ for your child – yet. We believe children can ‘get it.’ A good tutor gets to know students. When we are in your home, we become a regular part of your routine and family. It helps us help you more effectively.

Your children will get a co-ordinated, concerted effort to help them achieve academic success. After learning about your child’s educational needs, we coordinate with teachers at school if necessary. We also invite you to have a say in the learning process.

At the same time, your child will see purpose and value in learning. Our tutors are trained and qualified in their fields, and are able to teach school subjects in a structured, effective and meaningful way.

Real improvement comes when you work with a ‘personal’ tutoring company that cares. Watch your kids reach their goals over time with us. We do reporting and follows-ups to find out about your child’s progress, and your experience with our tutors. In short, you stay happy.

Give us a call today to schedule your first tutoring session. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 1.877.ITS.EASY or 604.785.1870