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I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. She is very professional and friendly. She is able to connect with my son and understands how he learns best and comes up with strategies addressing his learning disabilities. Adrian seems to be relaxed with her and doesn’t get frustrated when working on his homework with her.”
Anne | Parent of School is Easy Tutoring student

See a difference in student grades when you use a qualified tutor in Edmonton and Red Deer. School doesn’t have to be hard!

Our tutoring is not just added learning after school (though it can be). Our Edmonton tutoring agency is passionate about the job we do. For us, it means taking a student from one performance level in academia, to another.

Our agency values customized tutoring with qualified professionals. We know what it takes to teach a subject; it’s not as simple as just knowing about it. Tutors trained in the field of education know about the ways students learn, and how they remember course material best. They are also aware of important practical steps to learning that go beyond subject matters alone. For example, tutors can help a student establish time management, test preparation routines and focus exercises.

Kids who get math help, English help, science help or other homework help are not always failing. Sometimes, they want a tutor because nothing less than an A+ is satisfactory.

In either scenario, better grades can result in more confidence, and more enjoyment out of the subjects taught at school. It may be that homework time will inspire a future career. As an aid to parents and teachers, we think of ourselves as helping to raise a future generation of thinkers and doers.

With our company, you get the best Edmonton area or Red Deer tutor we can find to match your child with. We do this within 48 hours, so there are no waiting periods for programs to start. If you’re not happy after your first lesson, give us a call, and we’ll make it right, or offer you a refund. We’re that confident you’ll love our tutoring methods.

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