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Liam had a test on Tuesday (after only his 2nd session with David!) and received an 82%…his best test result yet!!! … David is so encouraging and has really put Liam at ease. My feeling has always been that Liam ‘gets’ the concepts but will go into tests and quizzes with shaky confidence. I didn’t expect to see such positive results so quickly.
(5/5) – Kim Gilpin | Tutoring Parent, Mississauga

Accelerate academic learning — a professional tutor in Mississauga can make school enjoyable and practical!

Hiring one of our tutors in Mississauga will help you see improvements in grades faster than you think, in many cases. We do this by developing tutoring plans to suit each child’s specific and unique needs. This helps your kids tackle the problems they’re facing in school immediately.

Tutoring by trained professionals also gives your child access to an expert who is aware of provincial curriculum requirements, and knows how to teach them in a way that matches how they learn. We pick only the best Mississauga tutors who have classroom teaching experience. You’ll get all the benefits of having a seasoned tutor help your child, minus the distractions of a big school classroom!

If you are a homeschooling parent, help is here for when you’re not available to teach on certain days, or when you need expertise on a certain subject. Since our teacher tutors work in your home, your child can still benefit from the full effect of homeschooling that you are looking for.

If distance is a big obstacle for your kids, we have a solution! We offer online tutoring via common methods you may already have access to, such as Skype. We can offer the best, pre-screened tutors in Mississauga in the comfort of your home, without even being there. This allows for more accurate teacher-student matches, since we can get you the right tutor fit without needing to account for hindered availability due to distance. No matter the situation, online tutoring in Mississauga can certainly help supplement your child’s education, at the time of day you need it.

Finally, you can expect progress with our Mississauga tutors! Every month you will receive a report showing how your child is improving. And if you’re not happy with what you see, you can stop — we don’t force long-term tutoring commitments! We also are happy to offer refunds if you’re not happy with your most recent session.

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