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“We just had our last tutoring session with Louise and we wanted to tell you what an awesome tutor that she was. Both my girls really enjoyed her and were sad when the tutoring ended. Louise taught each student individually and was not scared to accommodate the lesson to the way that the student learns. She had many ways to deliver the information and kind, caring and compassionate. Thank you so much!"
– Parent | School is Easy Tutoring Client

See progress at school when you work with a Toronto in-home tutor

You deserve a great tutor unlike anything you can find with other tutoring companies! We provide value to our customers who hire us for a tutor in Toronto locations including Scarborough, Ajax, Vaughn, Pickering and of course, Toronto itself. Only the best teachers work with your child when School is Easy Tutoring is involved. That’s because we only send qualified, screened and carefully-matched tutors to work with a struggling student.

Children will benefit from the depth of knowledge and skill each of our tutors have. That’s because our teachers learn a lot more than how to teach when they are in university. They learn about the psychology of learning, methods of teaching, how each child can learn differently, and many other skills that go beyond memorizing facts or filling out worksheets. It is not just about checkmarks and x’s on a test.

There will always be up-to-date reports for you to read on your child’s progress. Our teachers provide regular assessments of how things are going with a school subject, or what learning curves are being overcome. From our offices, we also check in to make sure you are happy with your tutor. We keep ourselves accountable to you.

In your tutoring experience with us, you’ll find that the classroom teacher also becomes an important part of the equation. When necessary, you can also expect us to work in tandem with your child’s teachers. This is to make sure your child’s learning is not getting confused with contradictions in teaching methods. It also means we can synergize our lessons with school material to make them more effective!

You’ll get all the benefits of having a seasoned teacher help your child, minus the distractions of a big school classroom! That’s because every tutor we hire in the Toronto area knows Ontario’s school curriculum. These local professionals know the challenges your kids are up against.

Let’s keep things personal! You will find we are community orientated, and not just business orientated. Not only do we love working in the homes of families, we also enjoy ‘showing up’ at community events. We make a presence in your schools and at places that matter to kids and parents. In short, we get to know who we’re working with.

Rest assured you will be satisfied, and there’s no risk with School is Easy. Your first session comes with a money-back guarantee. Your needs are always accommodated! No fancy frills – just easy-to-work-with tutors in Toronto, matched to your child within 48 hours.