I couldn’t of asked for a better tutor. She is very professional and friendly. She is able to connect with my son and understands how he learns best and comes up with strategies addressing his learning disabilities. Adrian seems to be relaxed with her and doesn’t get frustrated when working on his homework with her.”
– Anne | Tutoring Parent

Help kids enjoy school and succeed — our professional tutors on Vancouver Island make learning fun and practical!

What if every time your children struggled with school work, their teacher cancelled class and spent the afternoon helping just them catch up?

School Is Easy Tutoring Vancouver Island can make something very similar happen for your kids regularly!

Your children will receive one-on-one tutoring with a lesson plan designed just for them. This means they can go to class equipped with the tools they need to address the specific points they were having trouble with. That can be a huge boost to their self-confidence. That’s the power of personalized learning with an in-home tutor on Vancouver Island.

You can expect more from us than merely getting kids to fill out cookie-cutter worksheets. Our value comes from the fact that we don’t believe in the assembly-line teaching style utilized with many other tutoring services.

Tutoring prepares kids with solutions before their challenges even appear. Knowing what happens in the classroom before and after a tutoring session is essential for any good tutor. All our Vancouver Island tutors are intimately familiar with British Columbia’s school curriculum. That means they can anticipate common obstacles students face in school, as well as assess where a student is at right now. And yes, we provide instruction for all of the subjects taught in the province’s schools.

You get nothing short of the best possible instruction with School Is Easy. That’s because we rigorously screen our tutors on Vancouver Island. While some tutoring services will hire even inexperienced students to be instructors, we require every tutor on our roster to have a proven track record at a learning institution. We select only seasoned instructors as our tutors.

Give us a call! We can do an initial assessment and match your children with the right tutor in 48 hours or less!