7 Ways Minecraft Helps Your Children Learn

Minecraft has taken the video gaming world by storm. It remains one of the top-selling games of all time, having sold more than 238 million games around the world.

Minecraft Helps Children

While many parents may be wary of video games, Minecraft is different. It can even help your children learn and develop valuable life skills. Given that the gameplay is not as advanced as other video games, it’s easy to wonder what kids see in the game or how it could be one of the educational video games. Schools can even use Minecraft Education to enhance learning in the classroom and you can use the game at home. [Read more…]

Why Certified Teachers Make For More Effective Tutors

Why Certified Teachers Make For More Effective Tutors

When looking for a tutor it is easy to assume that all tutors can provide the same services. If this were true then finding the cheapest tutor would be the way to go. However, this is not always the case and not all tutors are equally trained or qualified. In fact, tutors often have varying levels of education and teaching experience, thereby creating a wide range in terms of quality. If you are looking for someone who can help your child learn in an effective way with lasting results you should consider hiring a tutor who is a certified teacher.

Why should you hire a certified teacher as a tutor?

Certified teachers are familiar with the grade level requirements and the curriculum taught in schools. Your teenage neighbor might have the top Math and Science scores at their school, but they probably are not trained to teach the material in the most effective way. Certified teachers, on the other hand, are not only knowledgeable in different subject matters, but also have the necessary teaching skills to help students learn the subject and make noticeable progress.

Teachers care about your child’s success

A certified teacher views tutoring as a way to give students the extra instruction and attention they need in order to develop proper skills. Ultimately, as a result of the tutoring sessions, students should be able to continually excel in school, and not just to pass a test or get a good grade on a paper. Teachers who are tutors want their students to succeed in life and not just in school.

Certified teacher tutors create personalized lesson plans for each tutoring session

Lesson plans in the classroom have to be created for an entire class full of different students at varying levels. Rather than merely presenting information in a general way, as they would in a classroom setting, teachers who are tutors get to focus on one individual student. They have the flexibility to spend more time on areas that the student is struggling with. They can stop at any time during a tutoring session and work with the student on particular areas until they master the concept.

Certified teachers apply professional techniques during tutoring sessions

Certified teachers are able to perform professional assessments to determine the student’s level of understanding on particular subjects. Knowing where the student is at allows teachers to develop appropriate lesson plans for that student. Teachers are trained to keep detailed records of their student’s assessment scores so they can easily track their progress and ensure that they attain their goals.

Certified teachers are familiar with learning disabilities

Teachers are trained to recognize learning disabilities and can thereby adapt teaching methods and use various strategies to enable students to learn according to theirlearning styles. If a student has a limited attention span, such as someone with ADHD or other behavioral disorders, the teachers will know how to facilitate learning during tutoring sessions. Teachers have experience with behavior management so they can use certain techniques to help the student focus during tutoring sessions and can even teach the student to apply these focusing techniques at school.

Benefits of having a Certified Teacher as a tutor:

Tutors spend regular one-on-one time with a student, which is not usually possible in a classroom setting. A teacher who gets to spend personal time with the student will get to know the student’s specific strengths, needs, learning styles as well as their attention span and capacity. Being able to focus on developing specific needs during one-one-one tutoring sessions will have more effective results than being in a large classroom setting.

Hiring certified teacher tutors might be more expensive than hiring a high school or university student. However, having a tutor who is a certified teacher can make a huge difference in the quality and effectiveness of tutoring sessions. The quality of the tutor will show in the advancement and progress of the student. Furthermore, certified teachers can also offer advice to parents on activities to do with the student that will benefit their education and make tutoring sessions even more profitable.