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‘School is Easy Tutoring’ is committed to providing quality, individualized, educational programs to assist students with career, academic and personal goals. As an experienced tutoring agency, we recognize that not everyone learns the same way. Our tutors troubleshoot each child’s problems, create custom tutoring programs to suit your child’s needs, and give personalized tips for learning in any subject. As an award-winning tutoring company, we stand behind our tutoring.

7 School Supplies That Will Help Kids Stay Organized


7 School Supplies That Will Help Kids Stay Organized

Staying organized and on top of your game is not easy, and most kids will find this extra difficult, especially when they are first starting to learn organization skills. However, this process can be streamlined and assisted with various school supplies. If your kids are trying to wrap their heads around how to be more organized, and you want to help them out, check out these 8 school supplies that will help your kids stay organized! [Read more…]

Does your child have math anxiety? Here’s how to tell.


Math anxiety is much more than just a distaste or dislike of the subject. It is a very real problem that many students face. In fact, math anxiety causes so much mental distress in students that it blocks the brain’s working memory and encourages a self-fulfilling cycle of hatred of studies, acceptance to low achievement and general fear of studying. [Read more…]