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‘School is Easy Tutoring’ is committed to providing quality, individualized, educational programs to assist students with career, academic and personal goals. As an experienced tutoring agency, we recognize that not everyone learns the same way. Our tutors troubleshoot each child’s problems, create custom tutoring programs to suit your child’s needs, and give personalized tips for learning in any subject. As an award-winning tutoring company, we stand behind our tutoring.

6 Study Habits of Successful Students

6 Study Habits of Successful Students - SIE

Effective Study Habits for Academic Success

Students face several common study challenges for many reasons, including poor use of time, distractions, no motivation, or not engaging with the material. It is critical students adopt successful study habits to get the most out of their study sessions. These include time management skills, organization, reducing distractions, and using active learning techniques. [Read more…]

Our 5 Favorite Tips for Raising Critical Thinkers

5 Favorite Tips for Raising Critical Thinkers - SIE

Unlocking Critical Thinking to Empower Your Child’s Future

Parents want the best for their children, and one of the things you can do to secure a bright future for your kids is to make critical thinkers out of them. A critical thinker is open-minded, curious, and can respect diverse perspectives. At School Is Easy, we’ve seen the difference critical thinking skills can make in a child’s life and learning process. [Read more…]