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Launchlife International Inc. appoints Paul Lewis as MD of Pitman Training and School is Easy brands

The Canadian-based franchisor is ramping up for U.K. and European growth with its educational concepts.

Launchlife International Inc., the Ontario franchisor that owns a portfolio of education-technology brands, has appointed Paul Lewis as Managing Director to head up the organization’s Pitman Training and School is Easy brands.

Launchlife acquired Pitman Training in late 2018, having seen the value of the established training franchise. Pitman Training was founded over 180 years ago, and has been franchising since 1992; now with over 70 training centres worldwide helping to upskill clients and improve their careers.

Paul’s new role will see him oversee the growth strategy for Pitman Training, as well as expand the School is Easy brand throughout the U.K. and Europe. School is Easy specializes in providing private tutoring to children, and is already successful throughout Canada and North America.

“I am delighted to be joining the business at this very exciting time. 2020 has been a really challenging year for all of us, but this has created the perfect storm for our group of companies,” said Paul Lewis.

“Not only is it an amazing time to become a franchisee; we are already seeing an increase in demand for our products and services. Throughout the lockdown period, people have taken the opportunity to seek out training and learn new skills to take control of their future, which is great news for Pitman Training. Similarly, as a result of recent events, the demand for private tutoring and home-schooling has increased exponentially.”

The benefits of creating a study group

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Ways to avoid making careless mistakes in math tests

1+1=3. Ways to Avoid Making Careless Mistakes in Math Tests

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Sound familiar?

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