School is Easy Tutoring

‘School is Easy Tutoring’ is committed to providing quality, individualized, educational programs to assist students with career, academic and personal goals. As an experienced tutoring agency, we recognize that not everyone learns the same way. Our tutors troubleshoot each child’s problems, create custom tutoring programs to suit your child’s needs, and give personalized tips for learning in any subject. As an award-winning tutoring company, we stand behind our tutoring.

How Can Tutoring Benefit Students with Autism?

School is wonderful, there’s no doubt. Sending your children to class and watching them grow smarter and wiser every day is wonderful. However, not every student has the best experience in school. Curricular syllabus can be quite rigid, and they’re intended for the whole classroom. That means students with different talents are required to learn a standardized syllabus.  [Read more…]

6 Signs Your Child Might Be Struggling and Need a Tutor

Signs that your child may need a tutor might not only show up in the lack of making high marks or good grades. Making the decision to use a tutor for your child can be difficult if you are not quite sure what you should be looking for. It can also be a great option to be proactive and bring a tutor on board at the first sight of any of these signs. The earlier you can intervene and provide the support they need, the less time they will struggle and easier it will be on their self-esteem to get back on track. [Read more…]

10 Books to Encourage Your Rising 7th Grader to Read More

For some middle schooler students, reading often can feel like a chore. But it doesn’t have to! Maybe the child struggles with reading and they are embarrassed to admit it, or maybe they just haven’t had the opportunity to be introduced to books that they like. Finding topics of interest can be key to encourage better reading habits. These relatable books will help your rising 7th grader get excited about reading. [Read more…]