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“I called your company to find someone to teach my daughter math, but we got so much more than that. I watched her grow in confidence and ability that would not have been possible without your tutoring service. ...He never once implied that she was doing something incorrectly, but encouraged her to look at it from a different angle. Our experience ...has surpassed our expectations."
Parent of School is Easy Tutoring student

Get real results with a certified Markham-area tutor, matched to your child’s needs

We tutor all subjects in grades K-12, as well as some university courses. We also provide ESL tutors, and special needs tutors.

Our Markham-area in-home tutors are a far cry from mere talented individuals who love the subjects they’re teaching. While that character trait is essential, we believe it takes more to be a good tutor. Since our tutors are qualified as teachers, they will know how to:

  • Explain subjects in a customized way, adapting to student learning styles.
  • Teach real-world applications of school lessons that make the subject relevant to the student.
  • Find ways to make tutoring sessions interesting and fun for the student, based on their particular tastes.
  • Recognize core weaknesses and strengths in a student, so that tutoring can focus on the areas that need improvement the most.
  • Never make a student feel ‘bad’ or ‘dumb’ for their grades or weak points.
  • Be able to track progress of the tutoring sessions with reports to the parents.
  • Ensure they follow Ontario curriculum guidelines.

Our tutors are all qualified as teachers by possessing one or more of the following credentials:

  • Ontario Federation of Independent Schools certification
  • Membership with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Master’s degree and teaching experience

Plus, they have all undergone a criminal record check.

Having been in the business over 15 years, our ability to screen and hire tutors saves you from needing to find specialists on your own. The hit-and-miss style of finding a tutor can be exhausting when you never know who you’re going to get. That nuisance goes away when you work with School is Easy Tutoring.

We see children as individuals. They’re not just pupils that need to complete a workbook or score with the right, ‘canned’ answers for one test. We build a solid plan that helps kids succeed in academic subjects.

Whatever they want to be: an astronaut, an architect, a marine biologist – or even a teacher like us – we play a part in getting them there! It all starts with making school easy for them…our specialty!